Miter Saw Overview

Miter saws are functional woodworking devices produced for cutting a variety of structure materials such as lumber, home siding, flooring, and even PVC pipelines. Made use of mostly for crosscuts, which are cuts that go across the grain of the wood, miter saws have actually mounted miter saw black friday deals circular saw blades that you pull down to cut the workpiece. Several miter saws are stationary saws, as you bring the mounted blade downward, instead of running it horizontally along the work surface.

One that glides horizontally throughout the piece as you cut would be a "moving" miter saw. Miter saws go by several other names, such as a slice box saws, chop saws, as well as miter box saws.

A miter saw's standard reducing angle is 90 degrees. Both solitary and dual bevel miter saws allow you to make bevel cuts, which are cuts that are along the material's density at an angle various other than 90 levels. The bevel of a miter saw works for intricate job and typically a significant differentiator for buyers. The saw blade revolves-- either to the left or right-- allowing you to adjust the saw placing to different angles, such as a 45-degree angle.

Common miter saw applications consist of making trim, molding, walls and also other great woodworking job. Miter saws enable you to accomplish complicated angles that are typically required with woodworking and carpentry jobs.

This guide to miter saws will clarify the different means you can achieve bevels cuts with two different kinds of round saws: single and also double bevel miter saws.


A solitary bevel miter saw just adjusts its positioning in one instructions: to the left or right. A single bevel miter saw permits you to make one-directional bevel cuts. Solitary bevel miter saws can make both bevel cuts as well as miter cuts individually or together.

Depending upon your job, you might require to make bevel cuts on both sides of the workpiece. Due to the fact that a single bevel miter saw can just make bevel cuts in one instructions, you'll need to turn your work surface around to achieve an added bevel cut on its other side.

Although a solitary bevel miter saw can only make bevel cuts in one instructions, the saw can still achieve the exact same point a double bevel does, simply with a little bit a lot more brainpower. If you require to make several cuts on both sides of your work surface, it will certainly take longer and also require even more effort making use of a single bevel miter saw.


The blade angles of a double bevel miter saw can adapt to both john witherspoon Miter saw the left and also right, rather than just one side, like the single bevel saw. Some individuals call this kind of device a double bevel miter saw because it can be adapted to make cuts in any kind of instructions.

Since the saw head can rotate on a key towards both the right and also the left, you can make the same bevel cuts in your workpiece without needing to transform your product around. Double bevel miter saws permit you to make accurate and also consistent cuts on both sides of your work surface. It additionally makes the task easier and also quicker, as you can make faster repeated cuts even on longer work surfaces.

For service providers or extremely committed hobbyists, a dual bevel miter saw will certainly boost your process and performance.


Both single and twin miter saws can make miter and bevel cuts, and also both use round saw blades for reducing. They are additionally both referred to as "Substance" miter saws because they can make miter cuts and also cuts in 1 or 2 instructions. In spite of these fundamental resemblances, there are some distinctions between each.


Single bevel miter saws are much more uncomplicated makers, preferably matched for the newbie artisan or residence renovation enthusiast. If you're new to woodworking or searching for a lower upkeep saw, think about these pros of single bevel miter saws:

• They're Affordable: Solitary bevel compound miter saws are normally a few hundred dollars cheaper than dual bevel saws of the same brand.

• Simpleness: Single bevel miter saws are straightforward and also less complicated to make use of. If you intend on making a lot of your cuts at 90-degree angles, after that this will do whatever you need.

• Adaptability: Solitary bevel miter saws are wonderful for newbies or experts considering that you can accomplish what you can with a double bevel, with a hair much more initiative.

Regardless of their advantages, single bevel miter saws do have some drawbacks:

• Fewer abilities: The major disadvantage of the solitary bevel miter saw is that it makes one-directional tilted cuts, implying you have to turn your workpiece around to make matching cuts. This matters most when setting up crown molding or other sorts of trim.

• Less uniformity: Due to the fact that you can't make double cuts simultaneously with a single bevel miter saw, any Best Miter Saw Black Friday type of matching bevel cuts you make on the other side of your work surface may not look like uniform.

• Longer job time: If you're servicing an extra complex job requiring double cuts, it will certainly take you much longer with a single bevel cut miter saw.


Numerous specialist service providers and progressed woodworkers choose double bevel miter saws. If you're a more seasoned artisan, then below are several of the benefits of investing in a twin bevel miter saw:

• Tackle even more job: With a double bevel miter saw, you can handle more tasks due to the fact that you'll have the ability to reduce in both instructions effectively. This is really helpful for crown molding tasks and also various other jobs with trim.

• Meet tight deadlines: Having the ability to make bevel cuts in two directions without turning your workpiece saves time, indicating you can get more done faster if you get on a tight deadline.

• Make exact cuts: Having the capacity to revolve the saw head permits you to make more precise matching cuts on both sides of the workpiece, improving the top quality of your work.


Sliding miter saws are developed to expand the capabilities of the miter saw. Some moving saws enable you to reduce boards that are 12 ″ or also 16 ″ in width, which you could not achieve with a regular miter saw.

As opposed to "cutting" through the board, you'll move the blade across the board given that the blade remains on rails. To make use of a gliding miter saw, you simply pull the blade toward your body as well as push away as you reduced. Normally single and also double bevel miter saws that are sliding can not be adapted to angles that are as high as the non-sliding saws. This is because the rails made use of for moving disrupt the side to side movement.

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